MUZK... it's Smart & Intelligent

MUZK-Coin is a smart-contract token based on an Artificial Intelligence driven, music theory based company that utilizes its multimedia studio facility, core hit music catalog, and its seven Artificial Intelligence patents to write and produce new music with its proprietary algorithmic analyzation and creation platform.


DTE operates an Artificial Intelligence driven music, theory based platform with virtually unlimited uses. The Company utilizes its interactive streaming media platform to distribute high-quality digital music from its proprietary music catalog and AI created music. The Company creates and distributes interactive music products to apps, games, TV, film, music video and animation markets globally via its streaming platform. Founded in 2017 through a series of synergistic acquisitions, including the acquisition of seven music-creating Artificial Intelligence patents, the Company owns a valuable 18,000-song note-perfect hit song catalog, and a state-of-art, 4,500 sq. ft. music, animation and multimedia studios from which the Company manages and builds music content for the entertainment industry, social media sites, and the tech world.


The Company is launching several new AI-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) desktop tools and mobile smartphone apps for artists, producers, aspiring songwriters and film/video producers to create music that will transform the entertainment industry as we know it today.

DTE is finalizing a security platform for Digital Rights Management (DRM), utilizing their Artificial Intelligence patents and blockchain technology to create music-based smart contracts for publishing and royalty reporting, addressing the key pain points that have plagued the music industry since its inception – fair and accurate accounting of music usage, with timely, transparent, and errorless payout of royalties.



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